St Lucia youth call on USLOA to pass on the baton

On the third day of its Biennial Convention, the Union of Overseas Saint Lucian Associations, was advised to ready itself to pass on its leadership to the youth of the Diaspora.

Delegates at the Convention received powerful messages, including from:

– Ms Alisha Ally, a Saint Lucian Scholar in the UK, who delivered a powerful message regarding the sustainability and succession of the Union. She said: “Before we speak about succession, we need to understand what makes us Saint Lucians, what are you trying to pass on, who are you passing it on to and what do want. Find the best way of communicating with them.”

– Miss Tayo Gbalajobi, a Canadian born Saint Lucian, advised the delegates that: “the Union needs to be passionate enough about engaging the youth to be willing to invest your time, efforts and funds towards actually getting the youth involved. You should be engaging the youth proactively and not as an afterthought.”

– Mr Trevor Bernard, a British born Saint Lucian, instructed delegates on the new ways of communicating and networking. He said: “You have the social media tools to engage better and to reach a wider range of Saint Lucian people. You need to start to use them. You have children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren to show you how.”

In response, Mr Ross Cadasse, President of the USLOA, said: “we are committed to supporting the youth of the Diaspora. That is why we will be asking the young speakers today to form a Youth Task Force to formulate our strategy for engaging young overseas Saint Lucians and for planning the succession of the Union’s leadership”.


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