The Koudmen award and certificate are bestowed to those individuals who have shown dedicated support and committment to SLUAG. Honorees are nominated and selected by the Executive Board.


  • Significant monetary contribution/s
  • An individual who pushes forward the cultural aspects of the Association/St. Lucia, (e.g. who embraces and pushes forward the mission statement and the objectives of SLUAG).
  • This award can only be received once.

List of Honorees:

Denis Ishmael
Lenora Daniel
Thomas Constable
Sidney Bertin
Marjorie Douglas
Cornelius Alfred


  • Attendance and participation in the Association – someone who has helped and supported the Association in a consistent manner in the past year or more.
  • Commitment to events/association affairs on a regular/ongoing basis.
  • A recipient who has been given a Koudmen certificate before can be considered again.

List of Honorees:

The Quadrille Group
Venus Fourillier
Marie Lemontagne
Benjamin Norbert
Joseph Willie
Sophia Augustin
Mary Daniel
Kirsty Douglas
Liz Alfred
Caribbean Connections